New Dark Souls II Features Thrill, Delight And Concern

Actor Peter Serafinowicz is appearing in Dark Souls II. So is voice chat. The folks at PlayStation Access have returned from a special Dark Souls II preview event in London with a video packed with new features fans of the franchise might love. Or hate. It's complicated.

To an outsider, many of the new changes detailed for the upcoming death simulator sequel seem like a good idea. Voice chat? Great! For more seasoned players, it's a feature that might break down the experience completely, even if it's an opt-in thing.

The PlayStation Access folks are pretty upbeat about it. Going into more detail over at, Aoife Wilson calls out seven reasons series fans should worry about the game, based on the new features.


I leave the debate for braver adventurers than I.

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Dark Souls sucks. There I said it. Don't you all feel better? It was only "difficult" thanks to shoddy controls and annoyingly cheap AI. (no jump plus shitty dodge plus bosses whose swings take up the entire map = shitty game) Any game where the controls fight you and that is the only reason it is difficult is a shitty game.