New Call Of Duty Zombie Trailer: Zombies!

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More legions of Nazi undead are headed your way in Call of Duty: World at War's upcoming map pack. This trailer shows off the new zombie map, Verrückt, along with...cola advertisements.


Click to viewCall of Duty 5 World at War 'Nazi Zombie' trailer HD


Truthfully am I the only one who sees it in semi poor taste that Treyarch did try to show the horrors of war more with their "version" of COD having gore and such in it, yet at the same time they go and stick in a zombie nazi mode.

As cool as the zombie nazi mode is, really that thought stated above does bother me quite a bit.

Totally fucks with the message they were obviously trying to send out with their game. In a sense almost borders on being disrespectful from my own view anyways.


Does look like they put a lot of effort into the mode with the new features / map though and do tip my hat at them for all of that.