New, Big, Explodey Killzone 2 Clip

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Ahead of what will no doubt be a balls-and-all showing at E3 next week, Guerilla and Sony have released this new, gameplay-focused Killzone 2 clip. It's all looking very nice, epic, very explodey and, most importantly, (almost) very finished/real. Fingers crossed, however, that's the only time players are subjected to the line "I feel like a spare prick at a gang-bang".


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@ara: If there is no scripted events in the game it does not mean that the game is boring to play.

What I meant was open sandbox type of game, where player is put into middle of fight, the map would have many different routes, and tools that player could use to achieve his goals in the way he wants, also it would be up to player how big or small impact he would have to the outcome of that fight and storyline of the game.

Scripting takes all the excitement away from the games, for example AVP 1 was some scary shit to play as a Marine, but AVP 2 was not scary at all because the Aliens were now scripted, and didn't hunt you through rooms like in AVP 1. In that case simple AI was clearly better solution that scripted events.