New Attack On Titan Statues Erected In An Excellent Location

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Life-sized bronze statues of Attack on Titan’s Eren, Mikasa and Armin were recently unveiled at the foot of the Oyama Dam in Oita Prefecture, Japan.


The three characters gaze up at the dam, as if they were watching a Titan peer over. (There’s even a special AR app visitors to the dam can use to add a Titan to the real-world tableau!)

Illustration for article titled New Attack On Titan Statues Erected In An Excellent Location
Screenshot: 朝日新聞社

Hajime Isayama hails from Oita, and coupled with the giant dam, these statues probably couldn’t be in a better place.

As Asahi News reports, over $285,000 was raised for the statues via crowdfunding.


Isayama was on hand at the dedication, where he spoke and thanked an audience for the donations.

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As an aside, is anyone else weirded out by Attack on Titan’s fascist subtext?