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New And Old Monkey Island Adventures In The Works

Illustration for article titled New And Old Monkey Island Adventures In The Works

The rumors of a remake of the original Monkey Island for Xbox Live Arcade are true, but it gets much better, as LucasArts and Telltale team up to deliver all-new episodic Monkey Island adventures.


Starting this July, Telltale will be releasing Tales of Monkey Island, a five-episode monthly adventure game series for the PC and WiiWare featuring the further adventures of Guybrush Threepwood and nemesis, LeChuck, as Guy accidentally releases a voodoo pox that threatens to turn the swashbuckling men of the Caribbean into pirate monsters, which is the only thing worse than just plain pirates.

Meanwhile, LucasArts is internally developing The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, which is a completely update version of the 1990 original, complete with new graphics, a remastered musical score, and full voice-overs. FULL VOICE-OVERS.


This could either be very good news, or very sad news, depending on how they handle it. The Secret of Monkey Island is due out this summer on Xbox Live Arcade and the PC.

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The platform breakdown on this is weird. PC gets both games...but Wii only gets the NEW one, while 360 gets the OLD one...and PS3 gets nothing? Lame.

Nice to see Lucasarts is revisiting Monkey Island though. This is probably the only good news I'm going to see today.