New Afterburner Game Coming To Home Consoles?

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Some classification board ratings - one in Australia, one in Korea - have revealed that Sega's After Burner Climax is on its way to a video game console near you.


Just which console is still up in the air. The Australian rating simply says "multiplatform", while the Korean one was submitted by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Safest bet? Like the recent re-releases of Outrun and Virtual On, this will probably be a digital download, appearing on at least the PSN, but likely Xbox Live Arcade as well.


After Burner Climax was previously an arcade-only game, released in Japan in 2006. It was, and still is, a gorgeous game. Has very, very blue skies.

Hideki Kamiya, looks like you just got your wish.

After Burner Climax Coming To PSN? [GamerBytes]

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thats the kind of stuff i want to hear/see. now lets get virtua fighter 5r, hotd 4, lets go jungle, 2spicy, and virtua cop trilogy on consoles.

whatever happened to arcade games being released on the wii? id love for a collection of sega's model 2 games while im at it..

sigh.. i miss arcades.