Neversoft, Harmonix, we get it. You guys make competing music games. There's beef. But is there really any need to get so damn...petty? Here's Guitar Hero director Brian Bright, on Harmonix's decision to include cymbals on their Rock Band 2 drum kit:

I don't know how far ahead they planned that - we obviously revealed [our drum kit] much earlier than they did...I've a feeling there was a: 'Oh s***! There's cymbals! How can we put cymbals on our kit?' That would be the easiest way without having to rewire everything and re-engineer the entire circuit board.


Brian. Harmonix invented Guitar Hero. They then invented Rock Band, which GH World Tour is now , for want of a better word, copying. Might be for the best if you keep the "innovation" smack talk to a minimum. GH dev mocks Rock Band cymbals [Eurogamer]

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