Today, Double Fine art director Lee Petty (project lead on Stacking, among other things) tweeted the picture above, saying "This is what happens if you leave things on your desk at Double Fine…"

Apparently designer Jean-Paul LeBreton brought in a potato and left it lying around, only to find a fake art-gallery tag posted it under it. It reads:

Ringworms Amidst Intimacy

Jean-Paul LeBreton (American)
mixed media (potato)

In this challenging and lyrical piece, the artist problematizes structuralist and post-structuralist notions of interiority/identity to arrive at a catharsis of shape and texture. Its juxtaposition with a conventional game development desk setting underscores the artist's central message: the essential indivisibility of pictorial/sculptural space boundaries, more or less appropriating - via post-post-synthesist reiteration - the rhetoric of Duchamp, Derrida, Hofstadter et al.


I have no idea who was responsible for that, but to that person I say: HA.

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