Netflix Offering Free 48-Hour Trials For Xbox 360

Image for article titled Netflix Offering Free 48-Hour Trials For Xbox 360

The streaming Netflix service that McWhertor was so very fond of will soon be available to Xbox 360 owners across the country, and Netflix wants to make sure gamers are ready when the New Xbox Experience officially launches. To that end, they've begun slipping in cards for 48-hour trials of the service into newly released 360 game titles, beginning with James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace. This is the first game we've seen with the card inside, but knowing Netflix's penchant for stuffing free trial flyers into every possible orifice of every potential customer they can get their hands on, it won't be the last. Netflix Giving Away 48 Hour Streaming Trials With New XBOX 360 Games [The Business of Online Video]



Now, if only they'd start renting Xbox 360 games through Netflix. Perfect corporate synergy.