Netbooks Could Drive Casual Boom - Analysts

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The casual gaming business could look to netbooks - those little tiny wee PCs like the ASUS Eee - to give the genre a boost, according to analysts. I love my little Eee - it is incredibly handy for a blogging from the sofa or carrying about to events - but a games machine it is definitely not. It does do Flash though, and I have certainly enjoyed a spot of Tower Defence on the little fella. Market pundit iStockAnalyst, however, reckons things could get even bigger for the small. "They cannot store and run big and complex games internally. They make up for this by having brilliant connectivity. So they are the perfect tool for playing online games such as MMOs and the contents of all the casual gaming portals." Netbook boom bodes well for casual gaming [CasualGaming.Biz]

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I've got an Acer Aspire One myself. I really like it. Its worth noting you can actually get Netbooks that have full HDDs, and not just SSDs. The model I picked out has 160GB HDD actually. So storing an MMO on a Netbook is far from an issue - but actually running one would be the big question. I've never tried playing an MMO on mine yet, but I understand the integrated graphics card is pretty much poo. Also - It could be a bit tricky to find a spot to where you can use a mouse so you could really enjoy the PC game controls. Another factor to consider is non-MMO gaming and the lack of a integrated DVD Drive. Since most offline games require the disc too boot it up. I don't think any of the current Netbooks on the market actually have an internal DVD drive. External would be your only option beyond steam or ilegal/legal downloading copies.

Here's a link to the one I bought, if anyone's interested. (I actually purchased it at newegg as well.)