Neill Blomkamp "Stressed Out" By Idea of District 9 Game

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At one time, director Neill Blomkamp was just the guy who was going to helm the now-on-ice Halo Hollywood flick. That movie never happened. Sci-fi hit District 9 did, and Blompkamp's career took off.


In the short time since District 9 has hit theaters (and taken off), Blomkamp has shown street smarts about the Hollywood film industry — he's reluctant to plunge into another "District" movie so not to pigeonhole himself as the District 9 guy. And when the Los Angeles Times asked the filmmaker about the chances of typical Hollywood movie trappings like a video game spin-off, Blomkamp, a gamer himself, replied, "The idea of District 9 as a video game stresses me out a little bit because games based on movies rarely work. And movies based on games don't work — I don't know what's up with that."

This coming from the one pegged to bring Halo to the silver screen! Though, here when he says movies based on video games do not work, he is not talking about himself or the Halo film he intended to make, but the video game films Hollywood has made. (Here is Blomkamp's cinematic take on the Halo universe.)

Blomkamp does admit that a District 9 video game would be "fascinating" as the movie's environments would make intriguing virtual environments and the film's weapons are "cool". The director says in some parts of the movie, he filmed in a manner that isn't so different from a video game.

"So a game would be interesting to me," he adds. "There's nothing happening with it though."

Blomkamp goes on to say he isn't interested in doing a District 9 TV show — but the door sounds open on another District film sometime in the future. "I know what I'm doing next so it wouldn't be right away."

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I loved D9. It's my favorite only behind Avatar. as for a game however, I am not one who likes movies games. I think that they are just ways to fatten the wallets of whoever owns the rights.

Rarely does a Movie/Game tie in work. BUT! Sometimes it does. Revenge of the Fallen was a decent game with a pretty fun online. Avatar also is a pretty good game tie in. And lest we forget that Goldeneye is a movie game.

For a game based on this movie to work, I think it would have to focus on a different time frame. Maybe, a time-frame when Christopher Johnson came back.

You would play as some Private Military Contractor faced with a choice. To help the prawn or to fight them. Tension would e very high with the return of C.J. with the fear of an intergalactic war on the brink.

I think the game should play out a lot like Majoras Mask did back on the N64. A certain time frame goes by and you and your actions represent what happens on the last day. whether the prawn leave, they get exterminated, or war erupts.

It should be very docementary-like, just like the movie. Have each ending have a huge interactive cut-scene where you control the camera. You can look anywhere, but cannot control where the camera goes per-say.

Multiplayer would be some-what iffy IMHO.