Need For Speed Undercover Trailer Is For Stubbly Race Fans

Mr. Stubble here may be bursting at the seams to get his hands on Need For Speed Undercover, but I'd have a hard time telling you what differentiates this particular Need For Speed from the previous half-dozen. That may be based on the extremely low ratio of gameplay contained within, but is more likely due to the frequency of Burnout, Forza Motorsport, Project Gotham Racing, Midnight Club and, of course, Need For Speed releases. The whole thing sounds sort of erotic, based on the monologue from John Q. Stubble, which may be a big factor in my aversion to learning more. Also, NFSUC looks like a dirty acronym. Potentially, gaming's dirtiest?



I can't believe they are still making these games. The street racing fad(if you call it that) died years ago. So did the Fast and Furious movies that inspired the fad.

EA's financial performance is not down because of the economy. It's because of games like this...