Need for Speed The Run's New Multiplayer Trailer Puts the Pedal to the Medal

The newest video for EA Black Box's cross-country racer shuns all that out-of-car stuff for some good ol' online drafting-and-passing action. The ability to create playlists of the various race types gets shown off, as well as some apparently new Autolog functionality.

There appears to be some kind of real-time updating of a player's standing in a race, which looks really cool. It looks like the Bonus Wheel will let you and the other competitors can set reward parameters before a race starts. If that's so, that would increase the importance of each road battle. Not only do you win first place, but you get a new car for doing so. It's not quite pink-slip racing—unless the cars at stake come from player garages—but still adds a nice tension to what ideally is an already exciting proposition.


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