Need for Speed Most Wanted Mobile Is Excellent, Until You Play the Console Version

I've been playing the gorgeous mobile version of Need for Speed Most Wanted for the past week, loving every tilt-steering, nitrous-swiping, fender-bending moment. Last night I played the console version of Need for Speed Most Wanted for the first time. I can never go back.

Real Racing developer Firemonkeys makes the best racers on iOS and Android, creating an unparalleled sense of speeding metal monsters. Need for Speed Most Wanted continues that fine tradition – it's fast, it's pretty. The game features more than 35 drool-worthy vehicles. You can tilt to steer or touch to steer. On Android the game supports Power A's MOGA controller, which makes the game even better.


It's a tremendous accomplishment, and as long as you don't play any other version of Most Wanted you'll be perfectly content – possibly even overjoyed.

I have tasted the open-world majesty of Criterion's version on PC. Going back to the event-based racing of the mobile masterpiece leaves me feeling trapped, dying to break out of the track and lose myself in those winding roads.

Mobile gamers would be hard-pressed to find a finer racing experience than Need for Speed Most Wanted.

Need for Speed Most Wanted - $7.01 [Google Play]

Need for Speed Most Wanted - $6.99 [iTunes]

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