To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft
RE: Hello Arcade Machine


Wow! Nice gift from your brother. Don't know how you'll top that present-wise this year.

Wife called, saying she's going to the doctors for a check-up for herself and Micro Bash. I'll go pick her up at her parents' house, where's she been relaxing. The pickle? She's going to visit our apartment — because she has downtime between her appointment and the baby's. I've been running at full speed doing Mini-Bash stuff, trying to cook, do laundry, and work, blah, blah that cleaning has fallen by the wayside.


You know what it looks like after little kids bake cakes? And there's flour everywhere? That's like my apartment. It's a disaster zone. Seriously am going to have to wake up super early or something. She's not a neat freak or anything, but likes things to be relatively neat. Not like a tornado ran through the place.

Wonder how fast I can clean up...

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