NCsoft West delivers this adorable little holiday greeting card, featuring little wooden Christmas toy versions of characters from City of Heroes, Lineage II, Guild Wars, and even the upcoming Aion: Tower of Eternity.

It almost makes me glad that Auto Assault failed, as an armed-to-the-grill road warrior vehicle wouldn't have fit in with this festive scene. Look at chibi Stateman. Isn't he just precious? And I'd daresay I like this look for the Aion and Lineage II characters much better than their cookie-cutter Korean MMO counterparts.

This really just makes me crave an MMO where players take up the roles of toys in a child's play room. There could be raids on pre-school recess, and fantastic journeys to the inside of the family mini-van. Perhaps I've just got toys on the brain. Christmas does that. Either way, Happy Holidays, NCsoft!