NBA 2K's Player Ratings Explained At NBA Wedding

Photo: Harry How | Getty
Photo: Harry How | Getty

Ronnie Singh, aka Ronnie2K, is the social media face of 2K’s NBA series. Because he deals with players a lot, he’s become friends with many of them, to the point where he was at a wedding recently and found himself up in front of the whole gathering explaining how the game’s player ratings work.


As Hoops Hype report, while Singh was at the wedding of Mavericks player Harrison Barnes, another player—Barnes’ teammate Wesley Matthews—learned that his player rating for the game was “only” 83 out of 100 (that’s pretty good!).

“He found out that he was an 83 overall and he got pretty upset about it”, Singh says. “He kept talking to [Mavericks coach] Rick Carlisle about it. Well, Rick was the MC of Harrison’s reception. It got to the point that during the reception, in front of about 40 NBA players, Rick gets on the mic and says, ‘Ronnie, we have to address this rating thing right now. You need to come up here.’”

And so he did. In front of a crowd that included NBA superstars like Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving, right in the middle of some other guy’s wedding reception.

“...I’m thinking, ‘This guy is in the middle of celebrating his wedding!’ Harrison’s wife was probably like, ‘I’m going to murder Ronnie after this reception.’ (laughs) They’re both amazing people – just a great couple – but I just kept thinking, ‘This is not the proper place for this!’ But Rick orchestrated it, so unfortunately I had to participate.”

If you think this is funny/trivial, it is, but for many players it can also be serious business. Take Wizards star John Wall, for example, who is now at war with Singh over his own rating.

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