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World War II? Stick a fork in it. It's done. Was done by 2006. Hell, it was done by 2004. But nobody tell Burut Creative, OK? Otherwise they might cancel this cracker of a project. And I promise you. This plot summary is real.

It is April 1945...The fall of the Nazi rule is imminent...Still, a tightly knit group of SS generals and officers, involved in the most heinous and dark deeds, is seeking for a way to save the remnants of the Third Empire. They have conspired to move the leaders of the Reich, together with precious resources and classified equipment, to a remote hideout in the Tibet mountains. There, in the heart of Asia, they can wait for their time, kept safe by the tireless vigilance of zombie monstrosities created in the Nazi secret labs.


From the product page, it looks like one of those cheap, nutty (yet brilliant for it) Eastern European shooters. If the game comes in at under $20 (no price yet) and can play out as corny as that plot outline, it could seriously be worth a look for anyone still stuck on that "can games do B-grade" argument from a few months back.

UberSoldier 2 [Product Page]


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