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If you were watching the landing of rover Curiosity on Mars this weekend through the available livestreams, your eyes may have been drawn to NASA's mysteriously mohawked mission control staffer.


The design of Bobak Ferdowsi's mohawk is intricate, with highlights of red and fun stars dyed yellow on the side. According to The Atlantic, Bobak changes his hair for each new mission, this particular style meant to reflect the science rover's expedition to Mars.

And the Internet took notice. Including 8 Whole Bits with the 8-bit GIF design you see below. We at Kotaku felt inspired by the video game art design, and decided Bobak would be perfect as Mass Effect's Shepard. Hence the totally not photoshopped representation above, done by our own Chris Person.

Fun fact: the handsome Bobak Ferdowsi is Iranian-American. So am I. He pilots an SUV-sized Mars rover from 300 million miles away. I routinely play video games with a wireless controller. The coincidences are uncanny, people. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, etc.


Ok, I'm only half joking. Half.

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