Napoleon: Total War Edition Shouldn't Have Invaded Russia

For PC owners at least, Napoleon: Total War is going to be a pretty big deal. And a game can't be a pretty big deal these days without a pretty big colletor's edition, so, yeah. Here's Napoleon's.

The "Imperial Edition" of the game will come with a copy of Napoleon: Total War, an "illustrated wallchart biography of Napoleon Bonaparte" and download codes for two exclusive unit packs.


The first is the "Elite Regiment" pack, which comes with any boxed copy of the game, not just this fancy edition. It includes five of the "most elite military Forces of the Napoleonic Wars", which breaks down to two cavalry and three infantry units. Nice, but it also comes with the regular edition.

The "Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars" pack, on the other hand, is exclusive to the Imperial Edition. It collects ten units, some infantry, some cavalry, and since these guys have better names, sharper uniforms and bigger feathers in their caps, they should also be of more use on the battlefield.

Being a UK-based game, there's only British pricing currently available at the moment: while the standard edition comes in at £30 (USD$50), the Imperial Edition is £50 (USD$80), which is a hell of a lot more to pay for a set that doesn't include a large action figure or set of night vision goggles.

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