Namco Says You Won’t Pay to Unlock Characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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Capcom's caught a lot of heat for the on-disc locked content that shipped with Street Fighter x Tekken. Fans have loudly complained that they'll be paying for characters that on a game disc they've already paid for once.


But Namco—the sometime rival and sometime partner of Capcom—won't be following in those stumbling footsteps. In a interview with Eurogamer, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada said that players won't need to shell out extra cash to get the full roster of characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

"Tekken's never really done that before and charged for it, however we did have an [unlock] system in Tekken one to five… The character locks were like that - we never took money for it but the concept itself was there. I think really the players' opinions and the heated discussion is whether you charge for it or not."

Those who pre-order will be getting limited early access to certain fighters but all characters will be eventually free for all to play. If there's going to be any paid DLC for TTT2, Harada added it would be only for cosmetic items like character clothing.

No paid character DLC plans for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 [Eurogamer]


Unlocking characters, IN GENERAL, is something i miss from fighting games. I love starting out with just 3-4 characters and having to play trough the different ones unlocking new ones. not knowing when my old favorites might pop up and/or suddently seeing new faces on the character select screen is/was fun.. for me atleast. Gives me some hours of singleplayer fun before i start playing against mates offline (and now onlline).

DBZ:BT2 on the wii was great. Not really because the game was that fantastic but just because of the amount of unlockable characters^^

Maybe I am playing them wrong..