Look, you probably don't remember Bravoman. I know I don't. But, in his mind, the hero of a 1988 beat-em-up is the world's greatest video game character. Lucky for him, he'll be getting the chance to prove it all over again.

Bravoman's going to be appearing in all-new webcomics from ShiftyLook, a new division of Namco Bandai that'll be digging through the publishers back catalogue and seeing what dust-covered curiosities they can re-introduce to today's audiences. ShiftyLook's already introduced new interpretations of old-school classics like Sky Kid and Xevious and now the more, um, obscure Bravoman will be joining them.

Kotaku has an exclusive first-look at the Bravoman webcomic, produced by the UDON collective who've turned out stellar work on other games-based comics like Street Fighter. ShiftyLook will be updating its webcomic offerings twice a month on their official site.