Is the bottom about to fall out of Nintendo's software market? Namco Bandai certainly thinks so, saying the market for games on both the Wii and DS has "collapsed".

"It's a tough market," Namco Bandai's Olivier Comte told MCV. "We had a lot of product, and the average quality of a game on DS and Wii is very, very bad. So in the mind of the consumer today, to buy a DS or Wii game is to buy a game that isn't very good."

"One of the reasons the DS collapsed is piracy, it is very clear, but also it is a fantastic machine and very easy to develop for. It was possible for three kids in a garage to make a game for it.

"DS is the most successful platform ever, but all my kids' friends at school have a DS with an R4. They have 100 games for no money. So yes, the market has collapsed for the DS and Wii."


Lucky there's a 3DS to make games for, then!

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