Yesterday, a Russian student at a university in Hainan, China began meditating in the middle of a busy thoroughfare. Chinese people and other foreigners stopped to see if the man was alright. He wasn't.

The man continued to remove articles of clothing while he was meditating, until he ended up completely naked. The man apparently had a blade in his mouth and planned to kill himself. Thankfully, he didn't.


When the police arrived, they asked the student to get off the road, but he refused, so he was picked up and put in a squad car. According to JSChina, once the man arrived at the police station, he refused to get out of the cop car.


News163 reports that the man's friends told authorities he wasn't behaving abnormally that morning. He certainly did that evening. Hopefully, the man is okay now and getting the help he needs.

Eric Jou contributed to this report.

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