In Attack on Titan, humanity is on the verge of extinction brought upon by giant naked humanoids called Titans. Well in Jinan, in North China's Shandong province, the cartoon world may be merging with the real world according to recent sightings of giant, naked butthas.

Warning, you're about to see some naked statue butt.

In Jinan, Shandong province, two giant naked buddhas appeared on the side of a building. It's unclear what the buddhas are and what they're there for. At face value, it's just two giant naked buddhas climbing a building.

Online in China, the news media has made allusions to the classic Chinese dish called "Buddha Jumps Over The Wall". I guess it has something to do with how the buddhas look like they're climbing, and buildings are made up of walls after all.

The buddhas were put in place as an art installation, however there's no explanation or introduction to the piece apart from that it's named "naked buddha climbing building". I mean, come on, two giant naked humanoid creatures don't just spring up overnight, right? Right?


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攀房"裸佛"亮相山东济南_—似现实版"佛跳墙" [Tudou]攀房"裸佛"亮相济南 似现实版"佛跳墙"[ChinaNews]

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