N.A. Resident Evil 5 Demo Coming "Early 2009"

Capcom has confirmed that the North American demo of Resident Evil 5 will be hitting early in the New Year. Better cross it off your Christmas wish list, kids.

Speaking with MTV Multiplayer at an event in San Francisco last night, Capcom said complications have delayed the demo, and that now we'll all have to wait a little bit longer to get our grubby hands on it. So what's "Early 2009"? Well, the game comes out on March 13th, so that would have to mean sometime in the next two months. I originally thought Capcom would be smart and package the demo with their new Bionic Commando, but it looks like that won't happen since the game won't be out before then.


Capcom: ‘Resident Evil 5′ Demo Coming Here In Early 2009 (MTV)

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