Petroglyph's massive multiplayer online action strategy game Mytheon has entered open beta, with a laptop, iPod Touches, and iTunes gift cards up for grabs for those who give the game an early go.

Mytheon is an interesting mix of Diablo-esque action role-playing game and collectible strategy. Instead of normal skills, players have an assortment of power stones that they can collect, create, and trade, each imbued with special powers and abilities. For example, the character I was just poking about on had stones that summoned allies such as war veterans or a cyclops, AI partners that fought at his side, but also had stones that cast spells, or erected fortifications.


Instead of me trying to explain it, you should give it a try yourself. Head over to the Mytheon web page and sign up for the open beta right now. You'll be playing in minutes.

And you'll want to do that soon, as all players who participate in the beta between now and Friday are entered to win an Alienware M17X Laptop, one of several engraved Mytheon iPod Touches, or a $10 iTunes gift card. All it takes is logging into the beta between now and Friday.

Good luck!

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