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MythBusters, the science-fact television show that started life on the Discovery Channel, has put hundreds of rumors, myths and adages to the test. In the future, they will be tackling the fact and fiction of video games.


So said MythBusters co-star Adam Savage at Comic-Con 2010. Addressing an interested MythBusters fan's request to see, say, the physics of Ubisoft's Assassins's Creed leaps of faith tested—hey, didn't we already do that?—Savage offered more than hope. He offered confirmation.


"We have a couple of stories from video games that have been on the list for a long time," Savage says, including one tentatively named "Nintendo vs. Pro."

"The idea is of taking a kid who has just got his drivers license and training him on the Sears Point Raceway in a Formula 3 car and seeing if the training in the video game is good enough to make him able to compete in an actual [race] on that racetrack," Savage explained.

"There's a lot of material there," he added, promising that "at some point there will be a video game special."

The show's Grant Imahara added that he'd heard directly from Ubisoft about the publisher's interest in seeing the program tackle video game science.


Sounds different from GameTrailers' good Pop Fiction series, which explores video game myths along the lines of Mario's ability to jump over the castle flagpole in Super Mario Bros.


MythBusters: Video Game Special [Discovery - thanks, Sarah & Nightwheel!]

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