Mystery Man Is Donating Thousands In Cash To Twitch Streamers

It's tough - as it should be, given the amount of competition - making any kind of money off streaming service Twitch. Unless, that is, your tip jar is paid a visit by a mysterious figure known only as "Amhai".

Over the past year or so, several streamers - many of them playing World of Warcraft - have been getting massive donations from this unknown viewer. We're talking thousands of dollars at a time.


Streamer Isaac "Azael" Cummings-Bentley tells The Daily Dot that he has received over $30,000 in donations from Amhai. His friend, Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris, got $50,000 (you can see one big donation of his below). Lea "LegendaryLea" May, who streams games of Hearthstone, has got over $22,000.

So, who is Amhai? Almost nobody knows. There's all kinds of speculation - like the obvious theory, given the name, that he's some kind of oil baron - but only a handful of people have had any real contact. Cummings-Bentley is one of them, and all he'll say is "I don't think he really wants anything said about him. He is just a very, very wealthy individual."

Who is Twitch's deep-pocketed mystery donor? [The Daily Dot]

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