Myst Coming To The iPhone

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In its day Myst was a great looking curiosity. It drew the eye and — when it first appeared — was pretty much guaranteed to attract a crowd of people who would marvel that such a thing was even possible. Ultimately, it was revealed as being a little style-over-substance.


Is it wrong to suggest that the iPhone is the perfect platform for a Myst revival? Lets hope not, because that is exactly what is coming. Cyan have posted a status report to the Myst Online forums that contains a little announcement about iMyst - a port of the original Myst to Apple's little slab of magic.

It could work really well, actually. Being able to cart those puzzles around with you might make them a bit easier to solve (having to fire up your 486 whenever you had a flash of inspiration was always a pain) and it might well make the perfect public transport companion.

Also, Myst had terrible 3G reception. You see? Made in heaven.

Status Report - Cyan development [Myst Online Forums via Wired]



I now want an iPhone... just for this.