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It's easy to post pictures of your current gaming rig, your oodles of games, to brag about achievements and trophies, but none of that means a thing.


True gamers have roots and I want to see them.

What do I mean? Take for instance this picture, circa 1987, of my bedroom. Note the distinct lack of tidiness or, for that matter consoles. That's right my first taste of gaming may have come wrapped in faux wood paneling at the hands of the Atari 2600, but what made me a gamer for life was the time spent in my bedroom with this sweet-ass TRS-80 COCO. I spent my weekends and nights hanging out on BBSes, playing Armored Patrol, searching through stacks of floppies for my bootleg copy of Joust and taking turns texting through Zork with my older brother Drew.


Sure, I had a kick-ass sunglass collection, a wall packed with illustrations copied out of D&D books and a letter jacket in "sports health". But what really made me a die hard geek was the COCO and it's liquid-fast 300 baud modem.

Time to put up or shut up. Let's see your roots.

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