My Ridiculously Specific PlayStation 5 Predictions

I have been keeping a PlayStation 5 wishlist for about two years. Now that Sony is starting to announce concrete details about their new console, I realize time is running out: if I’m gonna make a video about my predictions—many of which are already coming true—I gotta do it right now. So I stepped in front of the camera and made this video.

The prediction I most hope becomes reality is that the DualShock 5 will have rear paddles on it. Sony already sort of had rear paddles on the PlayStation Vita, so I feel like this isn’t too far fetched.


We need more paddles. Watch this video if you want to hear me say “paddles” a lot.

I’ve been keeping this wishlist document on my phone. Since it’s on my phone, I can easily open up the document even when I’m in the middle of a game. So a lot of the items on my massive list concern ultra-specific user interface elements.


If that doesn’t sound extremely exciting to you, I promise that I utter the words “That’s what wizards call diarrhea” at least once in this video.

Please watch, and feverishly type your own predictions in the comments. When Sony finally announces all the details, we’ll have something to look back on.

(Disclosure: I am a licensed publisher of PlayStation games, though I promise I am not a successful enough one to know anything yet about the PlayStation 5. If I knew anything, I absolutely would not have made this video. An NDA only applies to talking about stuff you do know!)

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Sir E

My PS5 prediction is it will have limited to no backwards compatibility with ps4 games...

And It will also cost over $500....