My Quest To Make The Ugliest Possible Call Of Duty Gun

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Five months after the launch of Call of Duty: WWII, the game’s long-awaited Paint Job feature is finally available for crafting the tacky camo of your dreams. For my part, I have created the gun of your nightmares, assuming your nightmares largely revolve around fashion disasters.

Paint Jobs arrived with the April 10 update, and a trip to the Gunsmith in the Headquarters will let you choose to customize any gun or variant that you’ve unlocked. You can’t cover the entire gun, but you can pick the right, left, and top sections to paint. Each gun allows you to paint a specific part, and some guns give you more real estate to work with than others. For example, the standard STG44 rifle gives you a bigger area to paint than the BAR.

I decided to play around with the options and create this tacky little gem with my lack of design skills. Nothing says Call of Duty chic like a gun painted with a collage of mustaches or clown faces.

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The Paint Job customizer will look and feel much like WWII’s emblem editor. You get a generous amount of layers to work with, and there are plenty of shapes, symbols, and colors to make something very unique. You can even use patterns like hardwood flooring to add an interesting little flair. (Also, just as with the game’s Emblem editor, Sledgehammer Games has made it clear that offensive art will not be tolerated and would result in a ban from the paintshop.)

Once you’ve completed your paintshop masterpiece, you have the option to upload the paint scheme to be viewed and voted on by friends and the community. Players are already creating some pretty sweet paint jobs with a higher caliber of skill than my own.

The Paint Jobs feature might’ve been late to the party, but it is a fun and welcomed addition to WWII.

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I love this kind of thing in games. I don’t even play CoD, but would love to see a video showing all of the customization options. I’d imagine using the hardwood flooring would make the gun look like a station wagon.