"Video Games Are The Next Big Religion"

How do you feel about the idea of gaming as religion? I wouldn't blame anyone for feeling skeptical, and yet it's difficult to disagree with many of the points Andy Robertson makes in this talk that compares gaming and religion. These things have a lot more in common than you'd think!


I'm not sure I'm convinced, though—maybe that's my aversion to religion—but I definitely feel a tad unsettled by the comparison, or the idea of "Church of the Latter Day Player." And yet, with this framework, a lot of the fervent love for games and how that can sometimes be expressed makes sense. Games aren't just a hobby for many people, they're an identity, after all—which can inform a lot of your lifestyle and values. Like religion.

And if nothing else, video games have begun to be incorporated into Sunday services in some places...


(Via Andy Robertson)

Geek Sermon: Join The Church Of The Gamer [FamilyGamerTV]

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Iconoclast XVII

So, if you like something it is now a religion? Do people treat sports as a religion? They go to sporting events, they wear jerseys, they follow the characters when they are and aren't in season, or whatever it is called... This is just idiotic.