Itā€™s supposed to get slow in December, but it sure wasnā€™t slow last week, not with fresh game releases, some new controversies, a big awards show and a PlayStation fan festival full of game announcements. My favorite stuff from what we ran last week:

  • Fallout 4 Is Not The Fallout Fans Fell In Love With - ā€œThe opening line of that first review encapsulates much of the gameā€™s reception among longtime fans of the series: ā€˜Fallout 4 is a good game, it just isnā€™t a good Fallout game.ā€™ā€
  • The Smash Community Is Chaos Right Now - ā€œā€™Between Twitter and Reddit Iā€™ve seen more theories and conspiracy stories the past 48 hours than I can even comprehend,ā€™ said Morrison.ā€
  • Why We Crouch - ā€œFirst and third-person shooters have come a long way since the days ofSystem Shock, with control schemes that are much more intuitive than those early stabs. Still, many of them still feel the need to make up silly excuses for us to learn the squatting controls.ā€
  • A Konami PR Person Just Got a Metal Gear Solid V Award Instead of Hideo Kojima - ā€œMaybe he was on vacation? Or maybe heā€™s attending The Game Awards in Los Angeles? Who knows.ā€ [Editorā€™s note: So much for that second theory!]
  • Just Cause 3: The Kotaku Review -ā€While slogging through the final half-dozen story missions, I was tilting extremely negative on Just Cause 3. Argh, I repeated to myself for the hundredth time. Arrrrrrgh. I wasnā€™t having even an inch of fun. But once the story was over, I returned to the open world and set about liberating more outposts, unlocking more abilities, and casually experimenting with the gameā€™s many guns, bombs, and vehicles. I stopped groaning. Several hours later, Iā€™d come all the way back around. Cool, I thought to myself. Coooooool.ā€

Tricky controversies most deftly explained:

Weirdest game we covered last week:

Most persuasive game recommendation that might cost many hours of peopleā€™s lives:

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