My Five Favorite Kotaku Stories From Last Week

Marvel Comics used to have Assistant Editors’ Month, and last week, for reasons planned and unplanned, Kotaku had its version of the same. The top two editors of the site were out, but the rest of the team more than compensated with perhaps the strongest week of stories for September. It was hard for me to pick favorites:

  • Grand Theft Auto V, As Reviewed By Significant Others | “Patrick also SUCKED at evading the cops. Like, just hide in a fucking bush, stop driving the car off of freeway overpasses. ‘We’ finished the game a long time ago, but we still like to make references to the game. When I get really angry (I have a bit of a temper) he calls me Trevor. Soooo cute, right? True love.”
  • Batman Day Is Happening on the Wrong Date | “For decades, the exact date of the Waynes’ murders wasn’t mentioned. The story that revealed that date in one of the best Batman stories ever and its legacy is a great example of why DC Comics’ periodic reboots suck.”
  • The Creator Of The ‘Hardest Super Mario World Level Ever’ Is At It Again | “’I never really tried (or found it entertaining) to make easy levels,’ PangaeaPanga told me over email, after I asked him why he would go through the trouble of creating courses like these. ‘I also like having the power and control to force players to take a single specific route as opposed to the autonomy you have when playing regular, easy levels. These hard levels also take a lot of skill to beat.’”
  • The Story Behind Steam’s ‘Framerate Police’ | “’I guess if I could change one thing in hindsight it would have been the name,’ he said. ‘It was intended as a light-hearted joke, along the lines of the grammar police, however some people interpreted it differently.’”
  • Sex: The Kotaku Review | “Sex didn’t ship with leaderboards, and I have to think that’s for a reason. This lack of built-in tallying seems like a statement from the game’s creators: Nobody’s keeping score here. You can play it however you feel is right for you—whether it’s a lot, or just a little, or even none at all. Like many of today’s best games, Sex offers its players endless freedom.”

Watch these videos:

Best headline: Unsung Story Is A $660,000 Kickstarter Disaster

Best GIF (via this cosplay post):

Best older story bumped up for the holidays: The Game About Being A Jew That I Needed In High School

Best story about pausing which, in retrospect, we should have headlined The Way We Pause Now: Pausing In a Porta Potty In Metal Gear Solid V Makes Me Happy


Helpful reviews and such that could help you spend your $60 (or $465) wisely: SOMA, Laserlife, Lego Dimensions, FIFA vs Pro Evo

Best Fahey accent of the week: Cowboy Fahey

Got thoughts about what we published last week or about stories you’d like to see on the site? Let me know.


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Top image from our story about “suspicious skyfort”, a devious Super Mario Maker level.

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