This is going up late, so let me just get right into it. My top five Kotaku posts from last week are...


Wait, that's five already! Damn. I wanted to plug Evan Narcisse's arched eyebrow of an essay about Stan Lee's recent creative output, Yannick LeJacq's sharp analysis of why League of Legends may enable some of the toxic player behavior that the game's developers are constantly fighting, and, if I can throw one of my own in (I can!) this not-very-easy-to-write recounting of my own odd and revealing experiences inside police cars. Oh yeah, I also really dug freelancer GB Burford's praise for Doom, a game he just played for the first time. and thank goodness for reporter Patrick Klepek's brave journeying through Bloodborne. That review is coming this week!

Got thoughts about what we published last week or about stories you'd like to see on the site? Let me know.

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