My Favorite Indie Fest Entry So Far: The Swapper

I have for a number of years now been fortunate enough to help judge entries for the annual Independent Games Festival.

Judging usually means playing around with early builds of an eclectic mix of games from unheard of developers, some of whom go on to have a very profound impact on the industry.

Each year, as one of many, many judges, I play a dozen or so good, bad and ugly games. And each year I come across at least one that I fall deeply in love with.


This year that game is The Swapper. It's not without its bugs, but the heart of the game is deeply intriguing to me.

From the developer's site:

"The Swapper is about treating human beings as objects. It's also a puzzle and a platformer. And a piece of weirdness."

The game plays with the idea of cloning, lights and shadows and the ability to transfer control between copies of yourself. More interesting is the notion that an old copy of you, the original, the one that you used to control, is seemingly disposable. It's a little chilling on some level and makes me want to keep a close eye on The Swapper in the future.

The Swapper

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