Day one of my first trip to Toy Fair came and went far too quickly. Between bitter cold temperatures and a series of scheduled appointments I didn’t get much time to wander the floor, but when I did I found pretty things at every turn.

You’ll see some old toys and some new ones. Some shots taken with my fancy new camera, others hastily snapped with my iPhone while just passing through. If I posted shots of everything that excited me at the show we’d be here forever. Maybe tomorrow. For now, enjoy the sights.


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My favorite feature of the cases at the Square Enix booth is the mirrors reflecting my hands in every shot. I believe this is a cross-play of Morrigan from Darkstalkers. Just kidding. Or am
Rugrats: All Grown Up
The Final Fantasy VII remake figures really emphasize grayness. Or these are unpainted prototypes.
I’d take him to the Golden Saucer.
Why do I not own Vivi yet?
Nightwing. N-I-G-H-T-W... fine, Old Robin.
Lara Croft is nice, but I really just like looking at how I hug the camera here.
Meanwhile, at the Neca booth, hilarity ensues.
Home invaders and potential child killers: The Play-Set.
Stabbed in the Eye Culkin.
KidRobot continues to fill my home with tiny pretty things.
Amanda Visell’s Ferals are the most adorable things ever.
No wait, the Looney Toon minis are.
No wait, the Horrible Adorables! It’s right there in the name!
Now these are awesome. Coming this summer, each two-pack contains a pair of figures and pieces of a chess board to assemble.
This is pretty much just my living room.
Funko shall be taking my money. Look at the Tom Baker Doctor Who. LOOK AT HIM.
Ty had a lovely display of its answer to Disney’s stupid successful Tsum Tsums line of stuffed balls.
This is a model made from metal sheet cutouts. I’m going back today to look at more.
My Unofficial Toy Fair Mascot. Left him in press room. He is gone now. I miss you, little goat thing.
Over at Bluefin, Cats. Lucky cats. From Japan. That’s what the lady told me.
This lady here, whose boss told me to shoot her So I did.
The hovering Millennium Falcon is hovering .
Almost as good as getting a Mega Man game!
These are amazing little paper city scenes that were impossible to photograph.
The Beatles? Jem and the Holograms? Dave Smith and those guys from the bar?
No wait, this is Dave Smith.
At the Jinx booth, science is an adventure.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hahahahahha. Hhaaahaha. ahhhhh. Ha.
For Evan, the one shot I got at Hasbro. Going back today for a tour without the crowds.
I love LEGO’s placeholder minifigs and want a dozen of them.
A picnic in the park.
When forgetting how to control depth of field on your camera pays off.
Little sausage girl would like to sell you sausages.
Again for Evan, the Black Panther plane set from LEGO.
Spider-Girl, Spider-Girl. On the LEGO bridge play set. Spider—Man loves bridges. CRACK.
Ghost Rider. Motorcycle hero.
I am currently addicted to Mixels, and the new waves look tight.
They let me move the bear behind the camper. So happy. So soon-to-be dead.
My heart skipped a beat when I saw the Ninjago Ultra Stealth Raider, due in August. I love compound vehicles. And curves.
From the Nexo Knights line continuing later this year, clear armor. YAY!
Comic book and toy business legend Todd McFarlane. I doubt I will get a better shot at the show.

Tune in tomorrow for more visuals from the greatest toy show on Earth.

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