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​My Favorite EVO 2014 Matches Were the Ones With the Least Action

There doesn't need to be a lot of movement to create excitement in a top-tier fighting game showdown. Just look at these EVO 2014 matches from this past weekend.


Sure, the Justin Wong Marvel vs. Capcom win was a moment for the ages and Louffy's string of victories on his way to the championship was incredible. But the matches I couldn't stop thinking about in the aftermath of the world's biggest fighting game competition were the ones where Snake Eyez played Ultra Street Fighter IV as Zangief.

He took a character as some people characterize as lame and crafted a patient, psychological strategy that took him deep into the upper echelons of the tournament. It's play like this that reveals—with great commentary from super-informed folks like Seth Killian—the breadth and depth of high-level competitive video game play.

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I dunno... I felt the opposite way. It was pretty boring just poking and waiting for green hand and lariat opportunities. I was hoping Ricky or Snake would get USA some Evo champ glory, but it got to the point where I was hoping he (Snake Eyez) would be eliminated because it was so slow....