My Entire Diablo III Play Through in Under Five Minutes

Last week I played through the entire story of Diablo III with my Demon Hunter. It took me some 15 hours. Now you can watch the entire thing a little over four and a half minutes.


Taking a cue from what our own Kate Cox did while playing through Mass Effect 3 (see below), for my initial play through of Diablo III I set up my capture program to snap a screenshot every 20 seconds, figuring I would have a nice handful of screenshots to play around with when I was done.

I ended up with nearly 3,000. That's over 16 hours of play, and I'm pretty sure I missed an hour along the way.

Video editor extraordinaire Chris Person took those nearly 3,000 screenshots, weeded out inventory management and cut scenes, and wove them together into this moving monument to my bravery. You'll see special guest stars, grievous errors, several stupid deaths and more, but the most fascinating thing is watch that experience bar crawl.

I could watch this for hours. Oh wait, I did.

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16 hours? You must have been rushing through some spots. Took me 20 hours because I have to fill in EVERY spot on every map.