To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Thank Nissan For the Canned Bread Man, Manhattan was bursting at the seams this week. The friggin United Nations and a depression-era truckload's worth of politicians have all of the roads in town totally jankified. Still lots of fun to visit, mostly because I walked everywhere but to the airport. Last night after some drinks on the roof of Gawker's fancy new digs, N'Gai Croal, Tracey John and I went to dinner at some back-alley hipster restaurant. Walking in, N'gai and I sort of shoved our way through a crowd blocking the front door and made our way to our table. Once we sat down Tracey pointed out that we had just bustled our way through a clutch of people made up entirely of Kirsten Dunst and company. Dunst was apparently wearing an over-sized shirt and Spidey was nowhere to be seen. Hopefully I didn't give Dunst a helping of Crecente pointy elbows. What you missed: Penny Arcade Digs into DRM, Now With More Crecente PEGI: We'll Talk With You, But First, Do You Support Us? Video Games Equal Comfort In Troubled Economic Times Class Action Lawsuit Arises Over Spore DRM DJ Oakenfold Grabs A Gander At DJ Hero LittleSporePlanet? Frankenreview: Lego Batman: The Video Game Brash Developing Where the Wild Things Are Game Phoenix Wright and the Case of the Backwards Book Wario Land: Shake It! Review: Shakin' To The Core