My Awesome New Borderlands 2 Gun Won't Stop Judging Me

Like I mentioned yesterday, I felt like I was in a rut for a little while with my Borderlands 2 arsenal. But suddenly, upon starting the first, pirate-themed DLC, I wound up with an embarrassment of great weaponry. When it rains, it pours (bullets).

Among the guns I got was a unique Hyperion sniper rifle (not actually tied to the DLC) that does 1,000 damage (!) and is super shiny looking, to boot. But there's a catch… every time I reload, it lambasts me in a shrill, nagging tone.


"Well at LEAST you stopped SHOOTING for a little while!"

"If you were a better shot, you wouldn't need to reload!"

"You're a bad person."

You can get a sense of the gun in the above video, uploaded by YouTuber Daniel Turnbull. The best thing about this gun, called the "Auditing Morningstar" (??), is that while it's annoying, it's not too annoying to use. Unlike the cursed "Bane" submachine gun, which both makes a hellacious racket when firing and restricts your movement, the Morningstar is actually a great weapon, with that one… minor… caveat.

"Oh great. Now you're wasting ammo!"

Stop judging me, gun! You think you're so great? God!

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