Music, Can You Make It?!

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Back We Go I never learned to play a musical instrument — I should've. My dad is a professional pianist and even at 70 plus years-old works everyday, tuning people's pianos. While we had a Steinway grand at home, I was never really interested in learning to play, which I sometimes regret. In my apartment now, we've got a Kawai upright as my wife plays. And while he didn't express interest before, Mini-Bash keeps bugging to sign him up for lessons. Think we'll do that once the baby's born (we're only like two months and some change away!). Did you learn to play any musical instruments? What you missed last night Final Fantasy XIII Demo May Be Pay To Play PSP Online Access: Shit Just Got Real First Spore Reviews Are In (There Are Pros, There Are Cons) More Halo Movie Concept Art... Endless! Kingdom Hearts A PS3 Exclusive, Will Be Seen At TGS


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