You think Rockstar Games, you think about mean things. Angry men, drugs, dingy bars, fast cars, explosive firearms. Which is totally understandable, since the company's most recent games are about a drug-addled hitman, a vengeful cowboy and a Puerto Rican who shoots up half of New York.

But that murderous veneer hides a secret. Co-founder Sam Houser is a bicycle fiend.


It's a passion that extends past his own ride and into the outside world, as every year Rockstar sponsors the Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic (and even livestreamed the event from their company site). This year's event was held on Sunday, and was basically a chance for all kinds of cyclists - from pros to just people with bikes - to race, hang out, eat good food and listen to some music.

What's cool is that the race is an extension of sorts for the Houser's love of New York City; it's not held for profit, but rather as a community event, which originally dates back as far as 1973 and has pro teams representing various local community organisations.

Harlem Skyscraper Classic [Site]

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