Murder Suspect Caught After Logging Into Victim's PlayStation Account

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Trib Live reports that Hubert Wingate, a 30 year-old from Homewood, Pittsburgh, is currently facing charges of “homicide, abuse of a corpse, cruelty to animals and theft of the PlayStation”, with the PlayStation leading directly to his arrest.

The victim, 34 year old Andre Gray, was a friend of Wingate’s, and last month the pair had reportedly been out looking for an apartment together. Gray went missing, however, and it later emerged that he’d been murdered, along with his dog.

Wingate was arrested when it was detected that Gray’s PlayStation Network account had been accessed on the day he went missing. That login was traced by authorities to Wingate’s mother’s house, where the suspect had been living at the time.


Which is all kinds of fucked up, but I really don’t get this last part from Trib Live’s report:

Detectives found witnesses who told police Wingate had admitted killing someone and that they helped him dispose of the body by dumping it into the Allegheny River in the Arnold area.

One witness admitted stabbing Gray’s dog at Wingate’s request. The witness said they mixed the dog’s blood with Gray’s in an attempt to keep police from finding DNA evidence in the apartment.

What is wrong with these people. And why are they just “witnesses”?

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A joke would be:

White Man: So I stabbed the dog, ruined the evidence, and helped him dispose of the body.

Police Officer: I see... So you were a witness to the murder?


Black Man: Hello, I am here to turn in this wallet to the lost and found.

Police Officer: Put your hands up! You are a suspect of theft and assault! And it looks like we just found this crack cocaine in your car.