We have little doubt that Vanillaware and Marvelous Entertainment are targeting the tinglier areas of otaku with Muramasa: The Demon Blade, what with all the sexy bath time and fetishistic character designs.


But the game is gorgeous, one of the more interesting third-party titles coming for the Wii this year. And one that's managing to somewhat decently so far in Japan, so we don't necessarily mind that Vanillaware and crew clearly have aftermarket plans to shill Muramasa: The Demon Blade stuff. New wallpapers from the game, direct from the publisher, that don't even feature the game's hero and heroine are all the evidence we need.

Hey, we'll gladly post about the inevitable mouse pads, hump pillows and figures—and the inevitable digital macro breakdowns from figure collecting perv web sites. So just let the pandering to horny otaku wash over you and enjoy some new wallpapers from the publisher.

Oboro Muramasa Wallpaper Shame #1, #2 [Marvelous via GoNintendo]

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