Multiple Wii U Controllers Are a Cost Issue

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The Wii U comes with one Wii U Controller. Each console will support only one of these controllers; Kotaku broke the news that Nintendo is looking into games that support two Wii U controllers. But why is Nintendo planning to release the console with single Wii U Controller support?


"There's a cost issue," Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told Japanese business site Diamond Online. According to Iwata, Nintendo aims to have the console and games support one Wii U Controller.


"Technically, it is possible for the Wii U to support multiple Wii U Controllers," Iwata said. However, this will result in a "considerable" price increase.

According to Iwata, "We're not planning on asking our customers to buy multiple Wii U Controllers."

Multiple Wii U Controller support makes more sense to me than, say, Wii Balance Board support.

This isn't the first thing Nintendo has nixed from the Wii U due to pricetag hikes; the Wii U will not have Blu-ray or DVD movie playback due to patent costs. Not sure if Nintendo's smart or simply stingy.

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任天堂 岩田聡社長インタビュー 「Wii Uはゲームの家庭における存在意味を変え、 ゲーム人口拡大に貢献する」 E3スペシャル(前編)|コンテンツ業界キャッチアップ [ダイヤモンド・オンライン]

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What exactly was the statement now? Will it support more than 1? or did they remove the support due to this stupid reason?

If it wont support more than 1

then i say:


It's the dumbest comment I've ever heard from a console manufacturer or game developer.

Isn't it up to ME? If i want to buy more than 1 Controller? There is no cost at all for people that only want to have 1 controller. If I want to have a second controller I will buy one.

And whats the problem with implementing stuff that can be used when more thann 1 person has a WiiU controller? If noone has a WiiU controller the game just enables the features the Wiimotes support. If it recognizes more than 1 WiiU controller it supports their screens.

This is a real ISSUE imho.

Nintendo always uses half of a brain when they come up with new stuff.

DSlite can't access the system settings without need to shutdown the system...

Wii has problems when I want to play Cube games. I have to use the Wiimote to access the Disk Channel and then I have to use a cube controller. And If I want to quit I have to stand up and turn off the console by hand because there is no way for the Wii to restart when in Gamecube mode LOL

The 3ds has a less then perfect sweet spot (okay with that) but streches DS games instead of rendering in 3ds resolution and has a 3h battery? It's a portable device LOL. Adding a better battery that just costs 5 bucks would add 2 hours but NOO WHY WOULD THEY?

The WiiU won't support rendering Wii games in HD even tho it's no problem for the System. (they want to sell HD remakes i guess?) and every person using an emulator can do this... They even Play Wind Waker in widescreen and interlaced PAL versions in progressive scan.

And the WiiU only supports 1 controller? Because of this stupid reason? Technically it's no problem because even today SPLITSCREEN reduces resolution and details (as poly count etc)

Just stream the SPLITSCREEN images to the 4 controllers. For example 720x576p which x4 is still 20% less than 1x 1080p image alone.

Don't remove the consoles potential.

Multiplayer games on 1 console ALWAYS needed more than 1 Controller. And it was OUR choice to buy them. Why would they remove this choice and force us to use 1 controller? I mean I am sure I will have at least 1 friend that also has a WiiU so that makes at least 2 Controllers.

We were never force to buy more than 1 controller and now you say something that actually goes like: WE DONT WANT TO FORCE YOU TO SPEND MORE MONEY? really? Then dont bundle 2 controllers dammit


SD Wii support and 1 WiiU controller only means NO WIIU FOR ME!

Im a long time Nintendo fan I have like 250 games on Gameboys and stationary consoles Like (S)NES n64 etc. But I will not buy a system that cripples its own potential even before its out.