Muga MP3 Player Comes With SEGA Retro Goodness

This little beauty is never going to give the iPod any sleepless nights (or even the Zune, bless it's funny little heart) but for gamers of a certain age — or just music fans who appreciate a classic game when they see one — it has a certain charm. The Muga is a rugged, but otherwise uninspiring looking MP3 player. Hidden behind that little screen, though, is an emulator packed with 20 classic SEGA Genesis games. Well, 20 Genesis games of which at least six are classics and the others are 'ok', anyway. It isn't clear if these are hard-coded or if you can load your own 'found' ROMs, but there is an SD slot which can't just be for music, surely? Muga MP3 Sega Genesis Game Player [GP2X store, via DCEmu]


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