To: Bashcraft From: Fahey RE: Burgers? No Pictures I could use several burgers right about now. You know, there are days when Crecente says he's really busy and won't be able to post as much as he would like, and I don't think I truly understood what he means until now. With you folks all out of town, getting things ready for my trip to BlizzCon on the other side of the state, and trying to keep an eye on the goings on around the site, I am feeling pretty ragged right now, and I've really not gotten a chance to write all that much today, considering the triumphant return of Stuart, AJ's lovely Mirror's Edge stories and continuing Nintendo impressions, Adam's video mastery and Jim's dogged perserverance in the face of adversity (probably). I'd say that by the time we're all back where we're supposed to be, these guys will have completely taken over the site and we can all go out for mojitos. What you potentially missed: Mirror’s Edge: Dude Huge Approved! Gears of War 2 - The Non-Review ReviewFracture Review: Breaking New Ground Warcraft Modders Create League of Legends Lego Universe To Feature Star Wars & Other Lego Game IP?